Happy birthday

I know that it has pretty much been forever since I have made an appearance, but just wanted to say hello, and we are still here.

And now, a song very special and beautiful song for you.

Happy Friday


On shame and vulnerability

My friend Bess posted these TED videos awhile back and I finally got around to watching them. Brené Brown deconstructs what vulnerability plays in our lives and how shame shapes the way we live it. Just beautiful.


Spring style

I've been craving color now that all of the Spring/Summer collections are out. Especially digging the colored jeans. Reminds me of the GAP dancers about 10 years ago, remember them? To think I had a bunch of their skinny colored jeans and got rid of them all. Most things do eventually come back it would seem.

Yesterday I headed downtown and picked up these in kelly green:

Can't wait for some warm weather!


A must read

{Joanna and Toby via Cup of Jo}

This article by Joanna Goddard on Depression after weaning your baby.
Truly heartfelt and brave of her to have written something so personal.

Any last-minute votes?

We are leaning towards the carribean blue (in large part because of my sister's sleeping on it). Love the red, love your comments, but it feels like we may have too much red around here..